Shipping and Receiving

Receipt and Delivery of Small Parcels

Central Receiving accepts small parcels daily via carriers such as UPS and FedEx. These packages are processed and delivered the same day when possible. A package may be delayed, however, if it has not been correctly labeled. In those circumstances, we do everything we can to deliver the parcel as quickly as possible.

Receipt and Delivery of Large Parcels

Central Receiving accepts large parcels for University delivery. We inspect the packaging, contact the department for the exact delivery information, and then deliver as directed.

Ordering Procedure

To ensure that your purchase order is delivered safely and on time, please instruct the vendor to place the following information on the package:

Department Name
Department Address with complete contact information, including phone number
Purchase Order (if applicable)


Central Receiving is here to help you ship parcels anywhere in the world. We can help you best if you follow these simple steps. We ask that you:

1. Package the item(s) appropriately.

2. Fill out and attach a Central Receiving pick-up form. (Call 1-6383 for a book of forms.)

3. Call (1-6383) or fax (1-0630) to have your parcel picked up.

We will pick up your package, generate the proper paperwork, and arrange for pick-up by the carrier.

Note: UPS picks up packages at approximately 3:00 p.m. every weekday afternoon.